Saturday, January 17, 2009

What I've been doing all week....

The kids have been sick all week (except Bailey) Scott started it last week and then Micah got it Friday, Maddi on Sunday and some where in the mix I got it too! Ethan on the other hand has "the fifth disease" He'll tell you I have a rash, head to toe" and all he does is itch. The best part is we know no one who has it so we are clueless where he got it from! Anyways besides DR. appts we really havent done to much this week! Well Scott did go back to work on Wed. so there is and happy moment this week, and yes I miss him already. With the below zero temps he has done nothing but unthaw pipes he got home after 7pm last night and the neighbor called to say her pipes were frozen and this morning my sister called to say her pipes broke (he's a plumber by the way) and also another neighbor called this morning for him too. Plus work called him in cuz they are so buisy. So he is making up for lost time. Anyways thats my week in a nutshell! Off to clean up the kitchen, Fun, Fun!

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