Tuesday, January 6, 2009

just waiting for the weather

This is a drawing from Maddi. I get to look at it and remember how lucky I am to have my sweet children everytime I walk into my scrapbook where it hangs on the door. I am signed up with one of my yahoo groups to take pictures everyday (or almost everyday) and then scrap them once a week for the whole year. They dont have to be special occassions just everyday stuff... this is one of my everyday pics.

The weather is yucky so Im just waiting for th weather hold on its on... I hate that the school waits until 5 in the morning to call and say school is cancelled or delayed. I dont know what the roads are like right now, but Scott said they were slick when he went out earlier. I've been hearing the ice hitting the roof So heaven knows if they will have school or not and if they do if the bus will be able to make it up the hill! I dont envy our bus driver! Anyways I'm so tired but I want to post at least one pic tonight so hear it is. Later

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