Tuesday, March 24, 2009

one last page

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Maddi's book lots of stamping

Im having my scrapbooking bday party this weekend where I will be working on Bailey's book. Since I'm almost completely ready for that I've been working on catching up on Maddi's book. these are pics from 2007 yeah a little behind but what I love about the 7x7 book is it is so quick and easy to get pages done and caught up!

Just a few cards

Nothing special just a few cards I made this week. I really seem to have a creative block this week when it comes to card making!

Daddy came home

Daddy came home!!! we are still lovin him up! Ethan didn't really say much about daddy being gone,except once out of the blue he said he wanted to go to the airport and get daddy. But when we brought him home he hugged and loved him for the longest time...he kept saying I lub you, daddy. It was so cute. We all missed him alot, and all agree it will be along time if ever before he leaves us again!!!!!!!!
Evidence of attitude!
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Ethan, a rare occassion, he's sitting still. Ethan is getting so big! He has such an attitude (which we are trying to adjust), but he can also be so absolutly sweet, cuddly and lovable too....I love him so much!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bathed and in bed...Ahhhh.....time to relax

my battery died in my camera so I can't take the pictures of the 3 cards I made. Hopefully tommorow.

I'm gonna kick your butt.....


Ethan thinks he is so tough in his spiderman slippers!
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A long week.........

I has been a long week TGIF (in about 3 hours) you'll notice a continuing theme in the pictures I'm posting tonight if you look at ethans feet......Stacy gave Ethan new spiderman slippers.....he has not taken them off (no exageration) except baths and when I refuse to let him wear them to go out in public and the yard. He falls a sleep with them on, I take them off him while he is sleeping and the FIRST thing he does in the AM is put them back on. Thanks Stacy. Bailey has been a big helper this week,even reading the kids bedtime stories (without complaining)

Saturday, March 14, 2009



Well we just put Scott on the plane for Fla to see his mom, she had a severe stroke on Thurs night. I am totally bumming!
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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here Is a 2009 page I did just wanted to post something! gotta go get ready for bed, Nite!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Masculine Birthday cards

I've hardly posted any cards so here are 2 that I made for my cousin

boyscout pinewood derby race

Micah won 4th place but the medals only went to 1st, 2nd and 3rd. He was very disapointed even though he got a participant medal. I tried to explain that not everyone can win and that 4th place was still a great job, but he told me talking about it was making it worse, so I just let it go. I have tried hard to teach him not to be a sore loser and somedays he does great.......other days not so great! Anyways it was nice. Ethan couldnt come because he has been sick since thursday. Friday through Monday he had a fever between 101 and 103.7 It finally broke monday afternoon. But the coughing and sneezing still kept us up on Monday nite. Last night was our first solid night of sleep since friday. Which I was glad because Micah's field trip was today and I was so mad I forgot my camera!!! Arg... We went and seen the Wizard of Oz at the forum. It was cute...but I really wish I had my camrea! the characters came out after the show to meet the kids! Anysways sorry for the long winded post.

old photos/ videos

I am scrapbooking like crazy but it is in preparation for my birthday! My mom knows how much I love scrapbooking so she is having me a scrapbooking birthday party! Yeah! my mom, me, my sisters and a few friends will get together and scrap all day... my husband doesnt see how this is fun, but I dont see how watching football for 3 hours is fun when you can watch the news and catch all the highlights of the game and who won in like 2 minutes...waste of time in my opinion! Anyways I will try to post and get a few cards uploaded but the bulk of my spare time for the next 2 weeks will be preparing for my birthday (which if not for this party I would not have acknoledged do to turning the big 30 :( Here are a few older pictures/videos(2003)I dug up to print for my scrapbooking I'm doing. Oh how I miss them being so small...how did it go by so fast?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

bragging....just a little


Bailey has been doing so good in school! I am so proud of him! I do wish he would study a little more but even without studying he gets good grades. He made honor role again this marking period. (Yes I'm braggin just a little, but wouldn't you?) Bailey struggled the end of 2nd grade and most of 3rd, he just fell off track for a little while after his dad died. But I am so proud that he pulled himself up and out and now is doing so well! (Can you see the big grin on my face and tears in my eyes?) I will always be there to help him when he needs me, but knowing he has the strength inside to make it through the tough times is so important.
I have to brag a little more we got the PSSA scores back from 4th grade for science and he scored 1538! Advanced is 1438 and higher!!!! I baked him his favorite reese PB cup brownies they were nice and warm when he walked in the door! I never expect them to do more than thier best, but a little extra praise and chocolate to encourage them cant hurt!
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Micah makes such cute pictures! I love seeing the stuff the kids bring home from school, I just wish I had more room to hang it all up. so last year I started to take pictures of them with thier project/pictures so I can at least scrapbook them so I'll never forget thier beautiful art!
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citizen of the month

Bailey and Micah have both gotten citizen of the month and Maddi said that she would like to get it too. 2 days later she came home with a citizen of the month award in her thursday folder she was so proud and I was too!
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Micah's little helper

Micah is sanding his pinewood derby car. I will post pictures of the race next week, the race is on Sunday.
Queenie thinks she has to help everyone! She is such a cute kitty!