Saturday, March 7, 2009

bragging....just a little


Bailey has been doing so good in school! I am so proud of him! I do wish he would study a little more but even without studying he gets good grades. He made honor role again this marking period. (Yes I'm braggin just a little, but wouldn't you?) Bailey struggled the end of 2nd grade and most of 3rd, he just fell off track for a little while after his dad died. But I am so proud that he pulled himself up and out and now is doing so well! (Can you see the big grin on my face and tears in my eyes?) I will always be there to help him when he needs me, but knowing he has the strength inside to make it through the tough times is so important.
I have to brag a little more we got the PSSA scores back from 4th grade for science and he scored 1538! Advanced is 1438 and higher!!!! I baked him his favorite reese PB cup brownies they were nice and warm when he walked in the door! I never expect them to do more than thier best, but a little extra praise and chocolate to encourage them cant hurt!
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