Friday, June 12, 2009

we went up to the house again this week too!

The house inspection was today, but we wont get the results until Monday. Then we need to get estimates for the siding and roof etc... we are getting there slowly but surely. Anticipation is building. It is going to be so much work! But it will be OURS! And that is so exciting!!!

The kids found a bottle cap on the dinning room floor and made a game of kicking it around.....they were bored after about 3 minutes

just some pictures

We had the punt pass and kick conestest this Sunday, the kids had fun. Maddi got her face painted and didnt want to wash it off!

Bailey quit guitar practice this week, I'm not to thrilled with this fact!

Bailey got lots or awards at the award ceremony this week. He got it for testing high in science, being in the quiz bowl, being a helper for the art teacher all year and for having honor roll all year! He did great and I am proud of him!

Madeline graduated from kindergarten! I can't believe it I only have one more kindergarten graduation to go to! Ethan starts preschool this year...yikes! Were is life going........slow down! Sorry not much crafting things are still pretty buisy. The only things I've made have been for graduations!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Maddi's Bowling Birtday party

She loves the bowling of course she had to have her birthday here...again. Her "boy" friends from school came, Anthony and David. She definatly had fun. I need to get a picture of her on her new bike she got for her birthday.