Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Buds

Queenie loves playing with Ethan whenever there are marbles involved!

Madeline made Big Bob a crown

What I have to put up with just to get a free meal and a warm bed!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Boy Scouts Bird House

We also painted our bird house this weekend! The 4 of us (Ethan, Maddi Micah and I)made it at Boy Scouts on Thursday and finally got to paint it on Saturday AM. It required taking turns and Maddi was not really in the mood for sharing but she calmed down after a little while.

final cards from VSN

Okay back to posting I got some of the house work done and Ethan down for his nap...I just wanted to post a few more pictures as posting my cards to my blog was on my to do list today (along with taking Micah and Ethan to the eye Dr, but they called this morning and cancelled UGH! I hate that!)

this is a project I made for one of the challenges. It is a ladybug clip It can be used as a hair piece or book mark or basically anything you want there is a small clothes pin on the back so it can clip to anything. I cliped it to the heart card for Maddi. If you cant tell from the pics she loved it.
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Interview with the vampire


This card had to represent your celebrity crush and of course for years my crush has been Brad Pitt! I loved the movie Interview with the Vampire the script writting in the background represents the interview and the vampire well duh...I love this Stampin Up set its called booglie eyes they are so cute!
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still more cards.........

The wierd card with the mice and the heads is me being silly! One of my favorite old movies is Princess Bride believe it or not one of the challenges was to make a card using one of the quotes from the movie. I used the ROUS (Rodents of unusual size) in the fire swamp. (you would probly have to see the movie to have a clue what Im talking about) Anyways Im not really demented or anything it is just a silly card!

More VSN cards

The blue card is one of my favorites! the challenge was to use the colors a something from the lyrics from the song "these are a few of my favorite things" the phrase i used was "Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes" It reminded me of a dress Maddi had which I had clipped the little flower off of (It was one of my favorite dress that Maddi wore when she was a baby) I didnt know what to do with it cuz I never got a picture of her in the actual dress. Now I have a card to scrapbook! Wierd huh?

Stamping the weekend away!

It was a long but fun and crazy weekend! It was VSN (Virtual Stamp Night)weekend at They post at least 1 challenge every hour from 5-11 on friday and noon to 11pm on saturday. and all cards have to be uploaded by Sunday at 10 pm. So between taking care of 4 kids and trying not to let the house become a total disaster area I managed to get 16 of the 20 challenges completed. whew! Anyways I came to share the cards and project that I did. I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love never ending scrapbook page

Okay one final post before I crash (I am so tired!) This is the first half of 2 page spread I'm working on. The second page is almost done!
Journaling says"If you love someone put their name in a circle because a heart can be broken but circles are never ending"

It's a dance party!

They are just to cute! Bailey was outside helping Grandpa put wood in his basement. Otherwards he'd be in the mix too!

Dance Party!

My children LOVE to dance!!! It is the only time I will dance...they dont judge me just love me regardless of how horrible I dance! We have so much fun dancing, I hope this is a memory they will take with them forever and even pass this fun time to thier children. Micah, Maddi and Ethan were so cute and funny! I love these pics they just show how much fun they were having and how happy they are!

Madeline's "sister"

Madeline wants a sister and this is one of many reasons I agree!
This is not the first time she has dressed her brother ( and no he doesnt put up a fight). Although he didnt want his piture taken. He must somehow know I plan to scrapbook it!
I love to see the kids play together Maddi plays well with Ethan and Micah, but her and Bailey seem to far apart in age anymore. Bailey just doesnt want to play much with the little ones anymore (except when hes teaching Ethan karate!)

scrapbook pages for class

These are the scrapbook pages for the class I'm having on March 1st at my house.
I used the new sellabration stamp set and designer paper!

Madeline before our girls day out!
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Girls day out!

Madeline and I had our girls day out we both got a lot of hair cut off and after we got lost we went shopping and we even bought a small cake and ate in with forks in the plates. Maddi and I had a great day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This card is actually prettier in person. I made it for a challenge on splitcoast stampers. I embossed the image and then painted it with perfect plum, bashful blue, pretty pink, pale plum and old olive. I just used regular cardstock I ran out of watercolor paper :( stupid stuff is expensive) but it still looks nice. I didnt add any embelishment I liked it simple, maybe the next one.
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Ethan would not put the candy down long enough for me to take a picture.
It was the perfect after school snack according to the kids, I would have prefered fruit or granola bars, but its a special occassion when they get presents in the mail!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Ashley
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Chocolates from Grandpa and Grandma Ashley
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