Saturday, December 12, 2009

snow day

the kids couldnt wait to get out in the snow. The weather has been so wierd that we really hadnt had much snow that stuck around long enough to play in, but now is has stayed so cold its still here! days later. The kids made snow angels had snowball fights, helped clean the van and grandmas car off. And of course ate a few snowflakes. I was really cold out though!

Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies

It is the normal super busy holiday season. Thanksgiving flew by so fast! And we have loaded our calender with loads of holiday fun things to do. But time is flying by!!! I can't believe its only 13 days until christmas! yikes! In the mix of things my little girl lost her 2 front teeth so now she sings "all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" She is so cute. We had Thanksgiving at Ruth's house its close quarters but there isnt any other people I would rather be that close to on Thanksgiving Day anyways. :) The picture of the kids at the table is one of our cookie making day. We made gingerbread cookies for the first time ever. today we made chocolate chip cookies (one of my favorites). The other pic is me and mom at my sister Holly's house for our annual cookie night out. Just me, my sisters mom and any of the older nieces and nephews get together and bake ALOT of cookies. this year My sister Lori wansn't there, but my nephew Tyler decided to join us. And Britt and her boyfriend Joe too. we made PB blossoms, chocochip and I brought 2 different sugar cookie doughs and last but not least oatmeal and oatmeal rasin cookies. Then we split them up to take them home.

just a few catch up pictures

Pictures of...
We had a Halloween party at home instead of trick or treating, the kids had a blast! They want to do it again next year. Micah and Matt. Ethan had to have a pair of goggles like the other kids for our science projects. PAVCS had a field trip to the pumpkin farm.