Sunday, December 28, 2008

I wanted to rotate this pic but for the life of me I can't remember how I did it the other day!
Anyways, This is Maddi's stamp set she picked it out for Christmas, she got this set and a box of blank cards. She also got a Scrapbook with a bunch of papers and stickers included. She is a very happy girl, we made a page in her scrapbook today, but while cutting her stamp set for her tonight I just happen to stamp this card (I always need older boys and men cards) . Maddi walked in a caught me stamping with her set. She teased me but then said it was okay to use it as long as I ask first next time. (sound familar? huh I only tell her that all the time :) Anyways I plan on checking splitcoast for some ideas on this set. Having a creative you can see.

more scrapbook pages from Maddi's book

My sweet girl!

Maddi's prince charmings

Maddi's pages. the boys wrote her a small note, she actually got emotional when we read them to her. I'm going to wait just a little bit longer to have Ethan write something (for obvious reasons ;)

Benchwarmer by choice

Maddi Loved the idea of soccer and thought it looked like fun so at 4yrs we signed her up (let me tell you juggling 3 soccer scheduals was way more complicated than 2) anyways Maddi didnt like the games and was just a little to shy so we will try again when she is older if she wants.

Scrapbook frame

Soccer Scrapbooking Frame I think I will give it to Bailey. No SU except some paper.
A scrapbook page I made using just my cricut expressions. This toy will never get old!

A scrapbook page I made using just my cricut expressions. This toy will never get old!

Even the cat,Queenie loved Micah's new marble toy

who's the biggest kid?

It was spose to be Ethan's turn to play the video games (daddy was "helping" him out)

Christmas Eve

This is the kids with thier Christmas pj's and movies that they get every year on Christmas Eve. Ethan was only half awake for this picture.

priceless gift (and free)

The best gifts really are not just free they are priceless!

She made this cupcake ALL by herself!!! This was her present from Santa. These are the moments that make all that shopping and wrapping worth it.

It looks like poop!!! But she was so happy!


my mommy and daddy, so sweet!
Daddy's annual screwdriver present from Micah!

Nieces and Nephews

My children and my nieces and nephews the oldest are 18yrs old and the baby is my 3yr old Ethan. 11 grandchildren total for my parents. Unless..............not really Scott says I can't have no more!
Ethan with his absolute favorite toy Spiderman but only this one will do we've tried giving him other ones when he misplaces this one and he refuses them. He's too cute!

Its warm outside

Well the cold weather streak broke , at least for a few days today was in the fifties (in December!!!!) what a great break! I actually cleaned the junk out of the car (doesnt happen much in the winter) I would love to wash it but $ is tight and the hose is down for the winter so I will just have to settle for the inside being cleaned out! oh great the Tampa Bay Bucs just lost now they wont be in the play offs 'and the hubby will not be a happy camper today :( Anyways Ethan just informed me he wants sgetti-etballs" which is Ethan for Spagetti and meatballs. He's a little early for dinner but his small belly is always growling ( I swear he has a hollow leg) He is such a buisy boy, I love him so much! I wanted to get some cards made and posted today but I didnt even take the kids to the nutcracker today like I had planned, only to church and a special Mc Donalds visit. cost over $16 so ridiculous for junk food. I will post later
Rubber hugs, Amy

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My future floor plan? well maybe I have been drolling over this floor plan for at least 4 yrs now. I am hoping this spring if we are lucky, and everything works out, but I have been let down many a times before! This is 3 times bigger than what we live in now and I can only imagine the possiblities for storage....ya know a place for everything and everything in its place. Anyways, I must get offline, Ethan is the only one up (as usual) and is demanding my attention! Besides I think I have made up for my lack of posting! Later


My Mikey with Santa

it stands by its self and has room for journaling or pics on one of the pages I put a picture of my mom who gave that paticular recipe.

Cover of the cook book

Okay fellow stampers here is a calender page from the calender and cookbook class I just had on

Saturday. SU colors bash blue, navy blue and brocade blue and of course white

I am still learning how to use the scallop punch, some of my corners are double scallops and some are only half there, but it still looks cute. I'm giving mine to my mother-in-law and I know she'll like it!

My Best friend and niece, Brittany (blue shirt) and ME. Thanksgiving at grandma's house.
I did it I figured how to rotate the picture, although its a pain
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this was taken at the train station, It was a day sponsored by the Austism society. I was a nice day. the kids like it, but on the ride back the kids were ready to go home

better late than never....this pic taken at Sandy Cove, MD. in July. This is one of my fav pics Ethan looks like his dad and me shaken up together!

I tried to rotate again it just isnt working if anyone know how please let me know!
One of the perks to having my Sexy DH home from work is he can have facial hair! woohoo! I LOVE scruff and usuall I only get a weekends worth of it. By the way I tried to rotate the picture but I so am not a computer or blog whiz so this will have to do!
you think my kids would like to go to the beach? until then they opted to just bury daddy in the snow instead!

So.....its been a while!!!

I apologize it has been crazy wonderful around here. I love this time of year!!! I am so in love with Christmas and all the trimmings. I love everything except the absolute fridgid weather we have had here lately. (so if you didn't know I'm not a cold weather person...and no I dont know why I still remain living in Pa, just family I guess) Anyways, Life has been so different lately, Scott (my DH) has been home from work over 4wks, because of a car accident. It totally has changed my routine and anyone who knows me knows how important my routine and rituals are to me. So it is really taking some adjusting. Although I will go through sever withdraws when he does go back to work, MOST ;) the time I love having him around.LOL.

By the way I stupidly sent all the teachers gifts (all 6 of them) to school with the kids today without taking pictures so I cant post them here. but my new year resolution is to post more projects and cards here!!!
Anyways on to posting some pics of the kids (cuz I always have lots of those) and then off to start our bedtime ritual! Later!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My boy

This is my Aspie son, Micah which for those of you who dont know this is a form of Autism. Believe me I thank God on a regular basis, that he "only" has Aspergers and not full blown Autism. He is unique and so sweet and innocent, he is my little angel, even with the meltdowns. ;)

Thanks to Michelle Guppy for reminding me how special our children are!

I am ..............for mothers.

By Michelle Guppy

I am the little engine that did. When on my journey in life, my tracks led me to a mountain - a diagnosis of Autism - I looked at it with defeat - thinking there was no way I could climb over it. I then pondered the obstacle before me, and I then said to myself over and over, "I think I can, I think I can...," then I slowly started climbing the mountain saying to myself over and over, "I know I can, I know I can,...." and then I made it over that ominous diagnosis of Autism and continued my journey. I am the little engine that did.

I am more devoted than Noah's wife. I am cooped up in this "houseboat" for 365 days and 365 nights a year, constantly taking care of and cleaning up after my "herd of animals." And when the storms of isolation and monotony become most unbearable, I do not jump ship. Instead I wait for the rainbow that is sure to come.

I am Xena. Real life warrior goddess of Autism. With my steel plated armor I can fight anyone who gets in the way of progress for my child. I can fight the stares and ignorance of stereotypes - those without autism in their lives - and educate them as to why my child is the way he is, and why he does the things he does. I can fight the schools to have them properly educate my child. And I can fight denied insurance claims to get coverage for my child. Yes, I am Xena - and I am armed for battle...

I am Betsy Ross. I am part of History by my contribution to the Autism Awareness Quilt -- many pieces of fabric representing many states, stitched together, that will collectively symbolize Freedom. Freedom from the lack of information about Autism, Freedom from not knowing what causes Autism, and Freedom from the lack of funding and research to treat, overcome, and live with - Autism. Like Betsy's piece of fabric, my piece of fabric will someday sit in a museum, for others to see my 12.5 x 12.5 inch memorial of a battle well fought. Whether my child is "cured" in my lifetime does not matter, in the end what will matter to me and to my child, is that I never surrendered.

I am the Bionic Woman. I have X-Ray vision - I can see through the mask of autism on my child's face, and see the beauty in his soul and the intelligence in his eyes --- when others can't. I have super-hearing - I can look at my child when he smiles at me, and hear his voice say, "I Love You Mommy," --- even though he can't talk. Yes, I am thankful to be Bionic.

I am Mary. A not so well known mother of an Autistic child who was brought here to touch the souls of those around him, in a way that will forever change them. And it started with me. By teaching me things I would never have known, by bringing me friendships I never would have had, and by opening my eyes as to what really matters in life. Things like keeping the Faith, never losing Hope, and knowing a Love that that words cannot express. Yes, I too am blessed by a special child, just like Mary.

I am Superwoman. I am able to leap over tall loads of laundry in a single bound, and run faster than a speeding bullet, to chase my child as he dashes out the front door and heads for the busy street. Oh yes, without a doubt, I am Superwoman.

I am Moses. I am doing my part in leading other parents and society to more awareness, knowledge, and resources, and most of all - Faith. Like Moses did, I too, will sometimes meet with resistance from those who don't believe. And like Moses, God will give me the small Miracles here and there, needed to accomplish my mission.

I am Stretch Armstrong - a mom that can be stretched beyond belief - and still somehow return to normal. I can stretch limited funds to cover every treatment and therapy that insurance won't. I can stretch my patience as I explain my child's biomedical issues with yet another uneducated doctor. I can stretch what time I have, and share it with my husband, my
children, my church, and still have some leftover to help others. Yes, my name is Stretch. And I have the stretch-marks to prove it!

I am Rosa Parks. I refuse to move or waver in what I believe is right for my child --simply because my view is the minority, not the majority. I refuse to believe "What can one mother do?" But instead, I will write, call, and rally to the government, and do whatever it takes to bring equality for my child.

I am Hercules. The Greek god known for strength and courage. The heavy loads I must carry would make others crumble to the ground. The weight of Sorrow, Fear at uncertainty of the future, Injustice at having no answers, and from Tears of despair, would alone possibly be too much, --- even for Hercules. But then the Joy, Laughter, Smiles, and Tears of pride, - at my child's accomplishments, - balance the load to make it easy to bear.

I am touched by an Angel. An Angel who is often described as living in a world of his own. And it's true. He lives in a world of innocence and purity. A world without hatred or deceit. A world where everyone is beautiful and where no-one is ugly. A world where there is always enough time. A world where he goes to bed with no worries of tomorrow and wakes up with no regrets of the past. Yes, I most certainly am touched by an Angel, and I sometimes think that his world is better....

I am a mom of a special needs child, all the above, and so much more. Somedays I will want to be none of the above - and just be a typical mom with a typical child, doing typical things. On those days I will know it's o.k. to be angry, and to cry, and to lean on my friends for support. Because after all, ---the most important thing I am, ..... is human.


And on this special day, and every other day I need to, I will read this as a reminder, of just who it is, ~ I am......

c. May 2000 By Michelle Guppy - for those "Special" mom's

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my friend

Isnt she beautiful her and her friends visit my garden out front often.God is so amazing.

just don't know what to do with myself....

I am down to one child during the day, Just me and Ethan. Maddi and the boys are off to thier first day of school, and I cant wait for them to get home to see how it went. Its kind of wierd, Ethan is sleeping and the only sounds are the dryer and the kitten purring in my lap. This just is not a common occurace in my house! I know I will get use to it but all I've done is clean and play with Ethan.........I just don't know what to do with myself......

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got this from Gwens blog,she is listed under my fav bloggers, she has a great blog check it out

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is my personal blog, I am an Independent Stampin Up! Demonstrator,and I am responsible for its content. Stampin Up! does not endorse the use of or contents of the classes, serves or non Stampin Up! products I may offer.
I can't wait to get my SU order tommorow the new scallop punch is in there!!! Kristi and I will be at the Mt. View Craft fair on November 8th. If you have a free minute we would love for you to stop by and say hi! Okay off to post some cards then feed the kids some lunch.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Its been a while ...

hey everyone its been kind of busy!!! I cant believe school starts in a week and a half!!! Anyways I will try to get somethings posted this evening when the kids go to grandmas!! see ya then!

Monday, May 19, 2008

what's your favorite color combonations?

please post your comments and share your favorite color combonations i have a bad habit of only using my favorite color combonations so I want to chanllenge myself and you to try a NEW color combonation on our cards/ scrapbook page and tell me about it!
hello everyone I just wanted to post a few more things. I'm so sick I hate sinus infections cuz they always work thier way down into my chest I dont know how that works but now the very top part of my chest hurts and each cough hurts more and more. Yuck!I can't wait to get better!!! Poor Maddi and Ethan are stuck in the house with me I'm praying they dont get it too!
Anyways enough complaining.........

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just wanted to post a few more cards

I will post some pictures of my scrapbook pages as soon as i can. I had a Dr. appt for Ethan today and a check up for myself tommorow...YUCK!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So excited

Im so excited to finally have a blog!!! Not exactly sure what to do with it, but it will be fun to learn. I'll post later when I figure this all out more!