Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So.....its been a while!!!

I apologize it has been crazy wonderful around here. I love this time of year!!! I am so in love with Christmas and all the trimmings. I love everything except the absolute fridgid weather we have had here lately. (so if you didn't know I'm not a cold weather person...and no I dont know why I still remain living in Pa, just family I guess) Anyways, Life has been so different lately, Scott (my DH) has been home from work over 4wks, because of a car accident. It totally has changed my routine and anyone who knows me knows how important my routine and rituals are to me. So it is really taking some adjusting. Although I will go through sever withdraws when he does go back to work, MOST ;) the time I love having him around.LOL.

By the way I stupidly sent all the teachers gifts (all 6 of them) to school with the kids today without taking pictures so I cant post them here. but my new year resolution is to post more projects and cards here!!!
Anyways on to posting some pics of the kids (cuz I always have lots of those) and then off to start our bedtime ritual! Later!

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