Sunday, December 28, 2008

Its warm outside

Well the cold weather streak broke , at least for a few days today was in the fifties (in December!!!!) what a great break! I actually cleaned the junk out of the car (doesnt happen much in the winter) I would love to wash it but $ is tight and the hose is down for the winter so I will just have to settle for the inside being cleaned out! oh great the Tampa Bay Bucs just lost now they wont be in the play offs 'and the hubby will not be a happy camper today :( Anyways Ethan just informed me he wants sgetti-etballs" which is Ethan for Spagetti and meatballs. He's a little early for dinner but his small belly is always growling ( I swear he has a hollow leg) He is such a buisy boy, I love him so much! I wanted to get some cards made and posted today but I didnt even take the kids to the nutcracker today like I had planned, only to church and a special Mc Donalds visit. cost over $16 so ridiculous for junk food. I will post later
Rubber hugs, Amy

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