Sunday, February 8, 2009

And this is my hands after I scrubbed them with bleach!

Lesson learned never refill a stampin around wheel without removing the cartridge and wheel first! I made a mess of everything including my bathroom sink and counter which are now purplish instead of white!


Jenstampingpad said...

great lesson! I learned a simillar lesson last SCS VSN challenge!

Beth Redding said...

Sorry but, LOL :)
Use some alcohol and it will come right off the bath fixtures and it will take quite a bit of it off your hands as well, just be sure to lotion your hands afterwards :)

Amylynn said...

thanks for the suggestion! I will try it.

Joanna said...

Lesson learned !! I might have tried the same thing. Thanks for posting the advice and the pictures. Those speak a thousand words. But hey, you are an artist and these things happen sometimes :>)

Blessings, Joanna

Martha said...

Oh no!! Thanx for sharing...I won't make that mistake! Although I usually have ink of some color on me along with glitter.