Wednesday, March 11, 2009

old photos/ videos

I am scrapbooking like crazy but it is in preparation for my birthday! My mom knows how much I love scrapbooking so she is having me a scrapbooking birthday party! Yeah! my mom, me, my sisters and a few friends will get together and scrap all day... my husband doesnt see how this is fun, but I dont see how watching football for 3 hours is fun when you can watch the news and catch all the highlights of the game and who won in like 2 minutes...waste of time in my opinion! Anyways I will try to post and get a few cards uploaded but the bulk of my spare time for the next 2 weeks will be preparing for my birthday (which if not for this party I would not have acknoledged do to turning the big 30 :( Here are a few older pictures/videos(2003)I dug up to print for my scrapbooking I'm doing. Oh how I miss them being so did it go by so fast?

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