Wednesday, March 11, 2009

boyscout pinewood derby race

Micah won 4th place but the medals only went to 1st, 2nd and 3rd. He was very disapointed even though he got a participant medal. I tried to explain that not everyone can win and that 4th place was still a great job, but he told me talking about it was making it worse, so I just let it go. I have tried hard to teach him not to be a sore loser and somedays he does great.......other days not so great! Anyways it was nice. Ethan couldnt come because he has been sick since thursday. Friday through Monday he had a fever between 101 and 103.7 It finally broke monday afternoon. But the coughing and sneezing still kept us up on Monday nite. Last night was our first solid night of sleep since friday. Which I was glad because Micah's field trip was today and I was so mad I forgot my camera!!! Arg... We went and seen the Wizard of Oz at the forum. It was cute...but I really wish I had my camrea! the characters came out after the show to meet the kids! Anysways sorry for the long winded post.

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Gayle Marcy said...

Micah did WONDERFUL at the Derby!! And fourth place out of ALL THOSE BOYS is pretty darn good!! Kellen had the same problem though, they just don't like to lose! There is always next year!!