Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello everyone,
I have such an absolutly HUGE headache! It was little yesterday and it has just been building everytime I think it can't get any bigger it does. Tylenol is not touching it. So next I'll try Ibprofin (is that how its spelled?) anyways, basically I'm not feeling so hot and even though its after 9pm the kids still seem to have endless energy! I finished my scrapbook page for my challenge today so I came to post it! I hate the pics of me but I have learned to just accept those types of pics and use them anyways (otherwise there would never be any pics of me in my scrapbooks!) So drum roll please............J/K

It kinda looks more like a Feburary page cuz of the colors and the heart but its not and I love these colors together. What do u think?

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