Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stressed and pics of fishing

I am stressed....I wanted all the papers ready for monday to go up and take Micah out of school to be never goes as planned. The school psychologist wouldnt sign the objectives paper (states what you plan to teach the child for the homeschooling year), she said she wasnt sure what the objectives needed to be. According to everyone I've talked to and everything I've read, they just need to be vauge so you have room to adjust depending on how the child is progressing. So I made them vauge. The school guidance counselor took them to Micah special education teacher (who can also sign for the objectives) and I hoped to have them sent home at the end of the day friday with Micah ( who cleaned out his desk as friday was to be his last day) They werent sent home because she says she's not sure either. I feel like they are stalling for some reason. Frustrating. So I have to get up and get to school first thing in the morning to go up there and get this done. I have no idea who to call for leagal advice to make sure I am doing this right. I know other special education teachers some not in our school district that might be willing to sign the objectives but I dont know if the teacher has to be in our district! I cant find a definate answer online and I dont know who to call. I find myself in the same boat as with the IEP and other problems I've had with the school this year, Alone "against" the school with very little knowledge of the laws and the school is still stalling just as they have with everything else this year. I dont know what to do.
As far as the house the listing agent said that this bank usually takes 3-6 days to get back on offers. so we are still waiting! I am trying so hard not to stress about it, but I want the house so much. We have looked for 7yrs and we have only once found a house in our price range that was big enough for all of us and we didn't grab it when we had the chance because it was in worse shape than this house and it needed a new roof and I think it needed a new septic too. I'm afraid if we miss out on this offer it will be another 7yrs until we find something.........that would be devistating. We need a house, mom and dad want to move in here because its one level and they arent getting any younger. So this is the year we have to move and if not here, then where? I'm afraid we will end up with a house that has less square ft than here and a mortgage payment of more than double the rent we pay here! I need to stop thinking about it, Im getting stressed again. Anyways here are some pictures of our fishing trip last Sunday.

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