Saturday, April 11, 2009

Officially 30

yep its official! Maddi woke me at 7:20am (so much for sleeping in!) by jumping on me and yelling Happy Birtday! then her and the boys made me breakfast in bed. Mom and dad took me out to lunch at Subway. Scott got me a special ice cream cake! Mom watched the kids and Scott took me to Fashion Bug for cloths and then out to dinner at Cracker Barrell. It was a nice Birthday!

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shannon said...

Wow looking at your picture here I cannot believe you are 30!! You don't even look old enough to have all those children. Your lucky wow I am 25 and I look a lot older then you! Your hair is beautiful by the way is it naturally curly. Mine is as well but when I got pregnant each time I lost a little more of the curl. I am glad that you signed up for the playgroup. I hope you will be able to make it to our next one which is at my house. We are doing a used clothing swap for the adults. I created the group a little over 2 years ago and next week is the 2nd anniversary of the first playgroup. I love this blog spot you have very nice!