Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My sisters 25th wedding anniversary

My sister Lori and brother in law Steve renewed their vows at the castle in town last Sat.Then we went to the banquet hall for lunch. It was nice. The boys weren't with me for the ceremony. Bailey and Micah were at the Wii bowling tournament at school (they both won 2nd place in their age catagories) I only got to stay for 1.5 hrs then had to be at the castle (uncle matt watched them) and Ethan was home sick with Scott. So it was just me and Maddi. She loved the castle! Me not so much some of the stairways (ladders) and rooms were very narrow and I'm not thrilled with any small spaces.
Anyways I am now as of Monday a homeschooling mom, well at least to Micah. This is our 3rd day. Micah has a little bit of work left to do but we all needed a break and Ethan needs a nap so here we are! Micah has done fairly well today was the first meltdown...which is good for him. Asperger's is hard. He looks and acts normal for the most part and then bang all of a sudden it rears its "ugly" head. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is the Aspergers and not my son who is behaving so fiercly. It is still frustrating, because there is no reasoning with him to calm him down only time and space can do that, so patience is very important. And some days I dont have many, by the end of the day I just want to go to bed, not cuz I'm physically tired, but because I am just emotionally spent............I always feel guilty when I complain because I've seen how much worse Autism can be, I am so lucky he doesn't have it more severly, I can talk with him and he responds, I'm lucky to be able to hear my son say I love you and that he hugs me.......I know some mothers who live with out this. I am blessed to have such a unique little boy. I just have to remind myself of these facts sometimes when I dont know what else to do with him. By the way we still haven't heard back about the house, which is definatly taking its toll. As much as I dont want to admit it I'm coming to the conclusion that this means our offer is not going to be accepted....yet another roller coaster of emotions.

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