Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bailey's Birthday Party at the bowling alley

Bailey had Kyle over for the night and Micah went to Grandma's with Devin (so no fighting Yeah!
Bailey wanted to have his paty at a sports park or at home so he could have a football game with his friends, but all the sports parks we know of are closed and in April the weather is just to unpredicatable to have an outside party, so his 3rd choice was the bowling alley. He did have a lot of fun, he said thank you about 25 times. Bailey loved his presents he was so happy he got star wars guys, Art supplies like sketch pad and even blendy pens, a Wii music video game and other stuff.
All the kids love bowling, we should take them more often. I can't believe he is 11 now! I feel old just for that fact. It was a nice party!

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