Friday, May 15, 2009

Micah's homeschooled gym class

It was at our church's gym. There was even a few people there from our church who homeschool thier kids too. I met and talked to a few of the mom's who I had already talked to on the online homeschooling group. It was nice to put faces with the names. Homeschooling is challenging in some ways, but also rewarding. Micah seems (to me at least) to be improving in his reading and his confidence is improving. When he reads pages with more words on it he doesn't get so overwhelmed like before. I bought a reading comprehension book for 2nd grade at the christmas tree shop and he loves it, he was intimidated at first cuz of so many words, but now he does great. And he retains the stories and answers the questions at the end with little to no help. I'm very proud of him. I would like to go see if they have a 3rd grade book to work on over the summer. I really hope I can get him over this hump in reading so when he goes back to school next year he wont have such a hard time. When we finish the last allergy test and one more trip to the DR to see that all other reasons are cleared. I will take him to get the medication for the ADHD. I want him at home while he is trying it so I can make sure it is really helping him. Anyways

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