Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hershey Park

sorry I havent posted much spring is so crazy busy around here and unfortunatly sickly too! With allergies and colds it truely seems (and possibly may be) as if at least one of us is always sick!I think i've slept about 9hrs in the last 2 days the baby is sick and we went to Hershey Park yesterday. When we got home at almost 11pm I jumped in the shower (it was above 80 down there) and took the baby to the emergency room. He gets these really bad coughing spells. We went to bed after 2am and then got up and got the kids off to school.....

It was hot but the kids had so much fun! Aunt Ruth, Uncle Matt, Anna, Devin, Grandma and Grandpa went with us too. Daddy didnt come which was a bummer but maybe next time. The kids loved having Anna and Devin to ride with, Micah felt a little left out cuz Devin likes to hang with Bailey, but for the most part it all went well. I cant believe how expensive hershey has gotten though! Ethan LOVED the Reeses xtreme ride its like a little roller coaster and as you ride you have a laser gun and you shoot at these lit up targets, we rode it twice and he would have rode it all day! Maddi wanted to go on the big roller coasters but she obviously isnt big enough!but she liked the scrambler. Bailey on the other had didnt want to go on the coasters but did ride one of the water coasters and got wet (he wasnt thrilled with that) and Micah liked anything that went fast! They were all pretty well behaved and I was proud of them. Me, Grandma and Grandpa were pretty much exhausted by the end of the day...the kids still wanted to ride more rides..........Ps Ethan did NOT like the characters!!!!You can see him strangling me in the picture with the Hershey bar!

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