Friday, September 25, 2009

just some more pictures

ZOO: A group photo of all of us that went to the Zoo, my kids and me, Mom and dad and my sister Lori's family. And Maddi got her face painted with a butterfly. and another photo of Grandpa and the kids feeding the goats.
MICAH SCHOOL WORK: Micah's wants to be a fireman a chef and a weather man when he grows the science lessons we are currently doing on weather are fun and easy for him. If you ask him something about the weather watch out he is like an encyclopedia......:)
BIKE RIDING: Before 4pm traffic on the road is pretty slow so as long as I can get one other adult out with me I dont mind taking them all bike riding. 2 kids to go before training wheels are another milestone marked off the list of motherhood :()

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